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SCENE WebShare Cloud

Secure collaboration and 3D data sharing in the cloud

FARO offers a market leading, comprehensive hosting solution for laser scanning data. We eliminated the need for installing, running and maintaining of internet servers on the customers’ site.

Due to the highest data security standards and SSL-encryption of communication, we guarantee secure sharing of project data among various clients and partners worldwide.

To suit your business’ requirements we offer various packages at different prices

Our Package

SCENE Webshare Cloud Features

Easy viewing of SCENE laser scan data

Laser scans can be viewed and analysed in using an intuitive panoramic view.

Hosting service provided by FARO

SCENE WebShare Cloud is a cloud-based service offered by FARO. This elimnates the need of owning and maintaining internet servers.

Collaboration in the cloud

Communicate and share your laser scanning projects easily and securely with your partners and clients in an secure interactive environment.

Protection of your data

SSL-encrypted communication guarantees secure information sharing. AES256 encryption on our servers provides state-of-the-art protection of your data.

Seamless integration with the SCENE software

Data for SCENE WebShare Cloud is prepared in SCENE software and uploaded to the cloud with a few clicks.


  • “Deep links” for direct access to scanning projects
  • Intuitive project overview
  • Support for tablet computers and smartphones
  • Dependable measurements & annotations
  • 3rd party uploading now possible
  • Custom logos
  • Compass in the panorama view


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Workflow: Scan, Process, Collaborate

SCENE Webshare Cloud Tutorials

SCENE Webshare Cloud Package

Base Package


Per Year
  • Storage (extendible) 50 GB*
  • Download per Month (extendible) 50 GB***
  • Good for: (typical) 500 scans
  • User**: unlimited
  • 3D Conversion of positions for 3D viewing per month: 100****

*Typical storage demand per scan: 80-100MB. Additional storage at 0,10€ per gigabyte per month.
**Maximum number of registered users is technically limited by the maximum size of a computable integer number.
***Additional download volume at 0,10€ per gigabyte per month.
****0,10€ per additional Scan.

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